About Us

To proudly serve the Carolinas’ HVAC Industry with a passionate and dedicated attitude while offering outstanding customer services and a “one stop shop” product offering.

In 1960, Marcus E. Yandle saw a need to bridge the gap between heating contractors and manufacturers of heating products and put his foresight into action by creating Yandle Heating Supply in Charlotte, North Carolina. Soon after the start of Yandle Heating Supply, Mark Yandle teamed up with his soon to be partner, Bud Witherspoon, and Yandle-Witherspoon Supply, Inc. was formed. Mr. Yandle and Mr. Witherspoon began to successfully build a solid reputation in the heating industry and initiated the thought of becoming a “one-stop” shop wholesaler by adding accompanying products such as tools, guttering, insulation, duct board, pipe, sheet metal, boots, collars and numerous heating parts and accessories.

As the need for their products and services grew, the two entrepreneurs began to expand. Yandle-Witherspoon Supply, Inc. opened new locations in Hickory and Greensboro, NC and Spartanburg, SC. Yandle-Witherspoon Supply, Inc. also opened a sheet metal manufacturing facility in Charlotte, NC to supply sheet metal stock and custom fittings through the company infrastructure to the heating contractors in their respective areas. As central air-conditioning became more and more prevalent in the 60’s, the AC product was added to Yandle-Witherspoon Supply, Inc.’s heating line of products and the complete HVAC wholesale concept was entered into. Today, Yandle-Witherspoon Supply, Inc. has grown to 10 stocking wholesale locations in North and South Carolina and still operates its 11th location, the sheet metal manufacturing facility. The company’s philosophy of being a “one-stop” shop continues to thrive as Yandle-Witherspoon Supply, Inc. carries a complete line of HVAC products for the licensed HVAC contractor including residential and commercial equipment and accessories, replacement parts, tools, controls, insulation products, registers and grilles, sheet metal pipe, gas pipe and fittings, line sets, copper tubing and fittings, flex duct, filters, PVC pipe and fittings, sheet metal boots and fittings, custom sheet metal products, ductless heating and cooling products, geothermal heating and cooling products, HVAC solar panels, humidification products and whole house filtration products.

The company philosophy through the years has not wavered. Yandle-Witherspoon Supply, Inc. strives to be the best “one-stop” shop HVAC wholesaler by Proudly Serving the Carolinas’ HVAC Industry. Yandle-Witherspoon Supply, Inc. strives to offer impeccable customer service while developing long lasting relationships through business partnerships formed with the HVAC contractor. Providing quality product, a vast array of value added services, education, training, friendly employees and competitive prices allows Yandle-Witherspoon Supply, Inc. to be a major force in the HVAC industry in North and South Carolina.