Trailer Classes

We bring the training to you!. Check out the classes below and schedule a trailer training for you and your crew. *Only available to Customer Care Dealers*

Charging Best Practices

Superheat & sub-cooling principles Shows how to get superheat and sub cooling with pressures and temperatures. How to charge depending on what metering device is present. Charging in cooling and heating seasons and the technology behind why they are different. Charging with the new Charge Assist tool by American Standard for the LINK system.

AirFlow: Design Measure Adjust

In this course, you will learn about air flow and static pressure. At the end of this course, you will understand the importance of air flow for system efficiency, system reliability & homeowner comfort. You will be able to evaluate duct turbulence, distinguish air flow patterns amongst different units, and understand the importance of taking multiple readings for accuracy. You will also see how to set up air flow with a Constant Torque, PSC and Variable Speed motor.

American Standard Link Sales

  • Explain what AS Link is and how it works.
  • Describe the features /benefits of AS Link for dealers and homeowners.
  • Understand the difference between existing technology and AS Link.
  • Maximize the value/game plan for the entire AS ecosystem.

American Standard Diagnostics

  • How to use diagnostics for service, sales, and with homeowners
  • How to reduce truck rolls and increase service department revenue
  • Dealer remote configuration thru Diagnostic portal
  • Controls overview: ACONT824, ACONT850, AZON1050

Best Installation Practice

  • Txv troubleshooting: How does a TXV work and troubleshooting. Best practices of installation of TXV products
  • Commissioning heat pumps: Identify all components of the Heat Pump and their purpose
  • Understand what tools are needed and how to use them
  • Sequence of operation of a Heat Pump: Refrigerant Cycle - Defrost Cycle - Installation of a Heat Pump Air flow adjustment by static pressure Control wiring / Accessory wiring - Trouble Shooting Constant torque and ECM motors - Service and Testing
  • Commissioning furnaces: How to properly configure a gas furnace setting up gas pressure and airflow. LP conversion and setup.

Refrigerant Diagnostics

  • Evaluate system pressures and temperatures to calculate superheat and subcooling. TXV/EEV trouble shooting.
  • Learn about the technology, safety and recovery of refrigerant